Comments about Geno’s Cheesesteaks getting sued by the City of Philadelphia

Allentown’s newspaper, The Morning Call, featured an article on Geno’s Cheesesteaks getting sued by the City of Philly.

”It’s discouraging patronage by non-English speaking customers because of their national origin or ancestry,” said Lawton. (taken directly from the Morning Call article June 13th, 2006)

Some thoughts that come to mind here:

-Aren’t we alienating even more foreigners by not allowing them to spend their country’s currency in America? We want people to feel at home, right?

-I think we may even be causing some emotional damage because Geno’s Cheesesteak employees aren’t wearing the clothing fashions of the countries of origin of those people who wish to purchase “CHEEZ WIT.” I think if each employee were to ask the customer which country they were from, then give the employee enough time to change into a foreigner-friendly outfit, then allow them to order and get served; that would solve so many problems. I think Geno might need to tap into their budget for some research towards less-widely known countries.

-I think that we could also end up sending Geno’s employees to a series of Berlitz language courses to allow them to learn each and every language of customers who might frequent their joint. We would probably need to send them to each country where the employee might also learn the right dialects, as not to offend future foreign customers by using the wrong inflections.

-How offended are these foreigners when they find out that dishes of their cultural origin aren’t on the menu? Shall we start sending all restaurant chefs to cooking school to learn each and every style of meals?

O.K! That’s it. I am done foolin’ here.

Here’s an idea. How about conducting all transactions in English so we all have a common means of understanding each other? There needs to be a standard. Isn’t there some kind of TOWER OF BABEL reference that can be made here to explain the importance of being able to communicate here?

I get this feeling that we have become so politically correct sometimes that we can’t even move forward or show a sense of pride in our country. Yes, people need to be accommodated but that doesn’t mean put everyone in front of the line because they don’t speak English. The social standard for immigration USED to be that you came to the U.S. to make a better life for yourself, usually overcoming hardship of some sort to get here, then WORK to become an American…..including the language. Older generation immigrants used to send their children to school here, then have the kids teach the parents what they learned. Making English the standard here doesn’t mean you have to give up your culture/language/traditions, the expectation should be to assimilate enough into your new country while holding onto your culture.


4 responses to “Comments about Geno’s Cheesesteaks getting sued by the City of Philadelphia

  1. Joey Vento is the owner of Geno’s Steaks. That means it is HIS business and he can do wherever he likes. If some immigrant can’t order his/her lunch in the way that is prescribed, I guess he/she doesn’t eat at Geno’s. I know there are other places in Philadelphia to eat. Some of the bleeding heart liberals just don’t get it. Kudos to Joey.
    I understand no one has been turned away. If they can’t speak English, someone will help them “LEARN” the proper way to order. Joey has a great deal of support out here. I have a post at my blog about this and other issues

    Please feel free to stop by and read my perspective on this and other issues.

  2. I absolutely agree with texas truth. I suggest strongly that Joey be unimpeded in his headlong effort to tank his business. You see, t.t., in the east we’re used to accomodating a wide spectrum of ethnicities — embrace them, even. Asshole’s like Joey have no idea how repugnant their bigotry is in a city like Philly. But if the city just leaves him alone, he’ll learn.

  3. Actually, I just have to say, I think you two are taking this way far out of proportion, as is the city. I was being facetious above, but i do think Joey should be left alone. I agree that it is his business and should be allowed to run it that way. But there really is no need for the hysterics.

    As for Joey, christ! Accomodate! They’ve got money that you want, right? It’s called business.

  4. Asking for English to be spoken is “bigotry” theBhc? What dictionary are you using?

    Looks like you need to learn what some of these English words really mean.

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