Armaggeddon inches a little closer: Paris Hilton decides to have a singing career

Paris Sings!

Why on Earth does this woman feel the need to become a singer? This is so wrong. Why can’t they just send the 4 horsemen and get it all over with?!?!

Useless Things Blog has 2 singles off her album – Click Here to experience featureless music created by the heiress to the Hilton fortune

The singles SCREWED & CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE sound like they were seriously over-produced. Sound engineers have seriously poured over these tracks, because they do sound clean. However, a Casio keyboard pumping out pre-programmed rhythms with trite lyrics done in a breathy voice have 15 minutes of Andy Warholian proportions. This album will sit comfortably next to a pet rock and a pink-haired troll doll quite well waiting for the next fad to pass it by.

God, do I miss my Zany Zappers.



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