First Iran, now North Korea

Everyone wants to be part of the NUCLEAR family. Iran, clawing desperately to get out of the Stone Age, allegedly wants this for generating energy. However, it would also make it convenient to have enriched Uranium for other things, such as weaponry.

North Korea already has the technology, but evidently not the skill to work with missles. Let’s take an inventory here, shall we?:

-a dangerous narcissistic leader who is venerated as a demi-god
-a nation that is not allowed to have an opinion on their government
-citizens bombarded with pro-government propaganda daily
-a leader that prevents contact with outside media
-possession of rockets with a range of 900 miles
-possession of nuclear material and some knowledge of their use
-a country with limited relationships with the U.S. and their allies

This has got PROBLEMS written all over it. Considering that there missle tests have shown little consistency, the threat may be more common to all of us than people might think. While North Korea may not be able to reach the U.S. with their attacks, intentional or not; North Korea or their neighbors may end up getting irradiated because of their potential Homer Simpson-skill level when it comes to nukes. They may end up causing some serious fallout (pun intended).

And to think that Iran wants to get a hold of this stuff too. We could then add to the inventory:

-a belief system that involves speeding up the process of experiencing the afterlife
-the concept of martyrdom
-religious expression that includes weapons and killing

Good thing that we have someone like George W. Bush at the wheel. He’s just the bomb when it comes to diplomatic skill.

I bet I’ll get sleep tonight, too.


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