Friday, July 28 is Sys Admin Day!

I haven’t confirmed it yet, but I heard that I will get a limo ride to work that day. I will be provided with an unlimited supply of finger foods and Fresca sodas that will be toted around by a bevy of leggy supermodels. I will spend the morning ordering new equipment, guaranteed to work right-out-of-the-box with no configuration, perfectly suited to our situation…..All of this will be installed by the supermodels, with my direction. A masseuse flown in from Denmark will provide a mid-morning backrub, then by then, it should be lunch.

At lunchtime, the supermodels will feed me a Dutch Loaf sandwich with swiss cheese and Stadium mustard. Depeche Mode, my favorite band, will be performing live for myself and the supermodels…perhaps even the Danish masseuse, if she doesn’t have to go back immediately.

After lunch, I will be given the rest of the day off to teach these supermodels the various aspects of managing a computer network such as ours…..of course, all of this would happen while we drive around in the limo. Followed by dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, the limo and the supermodels will drop me off at home. I will finish the evening by watching
CSI: Las Vegas then going to bed.

Like I said, I am not sure how its all gonna happen…..but I am pretty sure it will be something like this. My boss is probably working out the details as we speak. I can hardly wait!!!


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