Socio-economic class vs. drunk driving

Filming middle and lower socio-economic class citizens driving under the influence is documentary fodder used to show that our system works because punishment is meted out. Punishment is jail time and fines, and can haunt an offender for years.

Filming upper socio-economic class citizens getting busted for drinking and driving is a human interest piece to give us glimpse into the psyche of someone rich & famous. Accountability is doing community service in the form of public appearances, signing autographs, and having something to talk about during the “Where Are They Now?” Show on VH1 15 years from now.

Remember. When you see those highway signs that say: DUI – YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT.

Take it to heart….(but don’t save up for it.)

Any questions?

p.s. Being anti-Semitic is completely optional.


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