When Hogwarts Goes Wild: Hermione casts a CORONA spell

Here, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, Harry Potter movie series) is kicking back with a Corona Beer. Next time, she should probably cast a SLICE OF LIME spell along with a LEAVE THE CAMERA AT HOME NEXT TIME spell.

Hey, as long as she isn’t drinking and driving, and either killing the drummer of Hanoi Rocks (like Vince Neal of Motley Crue fame) or spout Anti-Semitic remarks at the arresting officer for the dashboard cam; let’s leave her be.


7 responses to “When Hogwarts Goes Wild: Hermione casts a CORONA spell

  1. shes pretty bombyy!

  2. You know, a girl that’s a role model to so many young women, she really kicked the shit out of that, didn’t she? Underage drinking AND looking shitfaced on camera. I don’t care what ‘celebrity pressure’ she’s under. I, like so other many people have, have been offered drugs, beer, condoms, the works. All it takes is a little intuition and common sense to NOT do it. All that I can say good about this is, good thing she hasn’t gone overboard with drugs and such like Lindsay Lohan did. Where did our cute little girls go, huh?

  3. Well, we need more proof than this. Where is the beer bottle with her DNA? What about checking out the security videos and gather some eyewitness account. Oh yeah a sample of her vomit with traces of her DNA can help. This pics dont mean crap for now.

  4. This picture looks extremely fake.

  5. Now i can look down on her!!

  6. how is that fake

  7. Since she’s British she’s old enough to drink folks, even if she’s not old enough to buy the beer. So chill out! Maybe have a Bud?


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