An Open Letter To the Middle East

We really appreciate you being a drain on our nation’s resources, while at the same time, begging for your oil. You really have our economists over here a little nervous, because long-term planning is so very difficult with countless warlords, clerics, and government leaders vying for power in a bloodthirsty battle that has raged for millenia.

Please do us all a favor. Either wipe each other all out or just put away the weaponry. Rather than put so much emphasis on the afterlife and martyrdom, maybe spend some time here on Earth and get this violence thing in order. A lot can be said for dying a natural death. Unfortunately, with our collective poor eating habits and lack of exercise; we Americans may not be all that great of a role model on full life expectancy. I would guess that it is still a whole lot more peaceful to die at an all-U-can-eat buffet, than at the wrong end of a rocket.

just something to think about.


p.s. maybe once you guys have consistent power again, we can get the government to send you guys a deep fryer and the recipe for pork rinds. Those things rock!


One response to “An Open Letter To the Middle East

  1. Well, I hope the leaders of the regime get this letter soon!! At least there is some good advice and this American agrees wholeheartedly!!!! LOL!!

    Smythe –from Geopolar!!

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