Thirteen Thursday!

13 Things I Will Never Ever Do Again….

1. eat black licorice.

2. weigh 270 lbs.

3. show any eye contact with someone who expresses ROAD RAGE.

4. purchase a vehicle on an impulse buy.

5. drink soy milk. I don’t care if it’s allegedly more healthy. It’s nasty.

6. watch any Barbara Hershey film.

7. kiss a woman that I don’t care about.

8. work in a place where people aren’t friendly.

9. gorge myself on taco bell.

10. try to attach the power supply to the hard drive while the computer is booting up.

11. live in Parma, Ohio. It may have worked for Drew Carey, but not for me.

12. make a promise I can’t keep.

13. settle for anything when I can do something about it.

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3 responses to “Thirteen Thursday!

  1. Call me crazy, but I don’t think number 6 is going to be such a hard promise to keep:)

  2. After I watched Beaches for the 100th time -I really think I could probably make that promise too!! Oh, and, BTW–is this a meme??

  3. soy milk ROCKS
    have you tried
    the chocolate one????

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