Doctors have ordered Jessica Simpson to not talk or sing!

Hell, if I had known it was that easy, I would have gotten those doctors to sign off years ago.

If you haven’t figured it out, I am not a big fan of this Pizza Hut-endorsing faux chanteuse. While I can appreciate looking at women and that cleavage thing, I also like listening to music. With her, the draw seems to be looking at her instead of listening to her sing. Even Mariah Carey seems to have played the bikini card to further career, although marrying the president of Capitol Records probably helped, too. For those of us who remember music BEFORE music videos, it didn’t matter what they looked like really. Once we started to see what our favorite performers looked like, things changed. Well, there was some change. However, the people with talent were both able to outlive this fluff and still hold onto their integrity in the process.

I am reminded of the news that a newly wed Jessica Simpson, approximately a year after her marriage to Nick Lachey, penned a book about how to make a marriage last. As if that time frame didn’t make the book laughable at that point, the marriage has since dissolved. In addition to being paraded around the music industry to look at, she tops off her existence by clearly demonstrating she has no business in the advice arena either.

For those of us not distracted by cleavage (well, not all the time), musicians like Billy Joel have clearly got “da skills” when it comes to performing. Not only does Billy not pose in bikinis, he also isn’t trying to give anyone any sage advice.
That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Please note: there is no picture of Jessica Simpson here. That was purely intentional. This is stjarna and I approve this message.



One response to “Doctors have ordered Jessica Simpson to not talk or sing!

  1. This is Smythe from Geo and I also approve your message!!LOL!

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