social network or one-stop shopping for predators/stalkers?

I have recently become aware of Friends of mine have created profiles, and I was curious to check them out.

Without going into too much detail, I wondered what the implications were, especially in the wake of the AOL user data breach. That, of course, was intentional. However, profiles is chockful of all sorts of private information. I believe the last articles I read had to do with these profiles being read by potential employers and the authorities. I can see how someone looking to hire another person might want to get more information. I would just be concerned what they might find, especially when people seem to treat Internet bios as some kind of confessional. I believe the authorities of the law enforcement variety became interested in looking at profiles because some completely thick-headed people posted things like underage drinking, vandalism, etc.

I think it is interesting to see how this is going to play out. I know that there has already been some awareness gained by the public when it comes to sexual predators because of on-line chatting. Do people not make the connection here? There is some level of risk for all ages here, but the younger posters, to me, just seem more vulnerable.


2 responses to “ social network or one-stop shopping for predators/stalkers?

  1. Its real easy for you to say somthing like that because 1. You dont understand WHY we go on mysace .. 2. as young adult we know what we are doing.. 3. we dont ur information to just any bum off the street and so on and so on git ur facts straight then come post some myspace shit up on ur page..

  2. It’s easy for me to say something like this because I am a network administrator who not only is aware of social but also technical trends.

    It’s a fact that there are dangerous people in the world. It’s a fact that the world can be an ugly place. Posting information about yourself not only reaches out to new potential friends, but also those with darker intentions. The information provided by many of those with myspace pages, even that of a complete stranger, can sometimes be enough to be able to physically locate them. Throw in some social engineering and that could close any gaps in that info. Stalking aside, thing of someone looking to steal someone’s identity. Myspace only requires an account (which is free) to be able to browse other peoples’ info.

    Simply believing that you are immune from all of the dark stuff is naive. Treating the Internet like a personal confessional is ultimately dangerous. There is little privacy to begin with, and having the right tools and skills; there can be practically none.

    Regardless of all that, it is already established that future employers have used myspace – as well as other networking sites – to collect unofficial data on potential applicants. I hate to sound fuddy-duddyish here, but that does mean a great deal.

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