Blogmad observations

I joined Blogmad to increase my blog traffic because it looked like a pretty straight-forward program. Basically, you surf blogs to build credit (1 point per visit for a 25 second visit to someone else’s page). You get a credit taken from you when someone visits your page. Overall, it seems to be pretty good. I have seen a fairly big jump in the number of visitors. While most, honestly, probably don’t spend more than 25 seconds at my site; I have noticed that some have decided to not only linger, they also post comments.

The only drawbacks I can see are:

1) For those of us working full-time, and raising active families; I pretty much have to spend time before work very early OR time before bed to surf for blogs. With my job at work being computer-related, I find myself wanting to not be tied to a computer while at home. Most of the time it isn’t bad, but those people who can do this stuff at work have it way easier.

2) Many blogs are either VERY pro-Bush/War or VERY anti-Bush/War. It seems the extremes are fighting it out for some form of supremacy here. Thinking maybe if they are louder or more nasty in my comments, perhaps they will win the attention of everyone. Someone needs to tell them that our future lies in moderate voices that are willing to work together. The Ann Coulters and Michael Moores of the world just need to zip it.

3) There are also many who saturate their blogs with Christian spiritual themes. I am all for freedom of expression, but I think these bloggers might almost have recruitment in mind. Think about it. You have some content on your blog that people HAVE to visit to participate. You get face time. Well, I guess that might even be part of the motivation with political stuff, too.

4) I have no fourth point, but wanted one so I will simply say that I really love cheese. I have yet to see a blogmad blog about it.


3 responses to “Blogmad observations

  1. You can block political and religious blogs in blogmad if you want. I joined last week myself and have seen a big increase in hits but it seems as most just simply want the credit and don’t read the blogs But I have gained some new readership so, so far so good.

  2. Even those rabidly disturbing blogs are interesting in their own way… just seeing what’s out there has a certain value, even if you don’t want to hungrily read every word, you know? At least you can shudder and move on, knowing your blog isn’t so cookie-cutter. ;D

  3. I love cheese! It’s just hidden in my profile.
    And those other types of blogs are very annoying. Blah.

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