Temporarily Serious Post: What am I supposed to do about my feelings about Iraq?

Sorry, I have to vent here.

I recently read in the news today that 65 Iraqis were found dead in Baghdad, with evidence of torture. It seems that Sunni & Shiites both have “death squads” that have self-appointed themselves mini-Hitlers to decide who should be living and who should not. This all smacks of some incredibly dark version of Dr. Seuss’s STAR-BELLIED SNEECHES, except the machine, in this case, kills.

I don’t know what to feel.

Because of personal experience, I know what it is like to have loved ones die. Experiencing the loss of a loved one is very hard, and possibly even lightyears beyond hard if that life is taken by someone else. I really feel for the people over there, I really do. However, I can’t hold onto that grief for long. No one can. We, as humans, weren’t designed to hold onto the “fight or flight” emotions. With grief, there has to be a point where you move on. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible with those outside the Middle East. The hate is perpetuated. The next generation is taught that only through killing. Nobody over there, at least the one’s vying for camera time, seemed to have figured out that once they stop trying to get back at each other; things might settle down. In America, things may not be incredibly safe here but we don’t have words like “jihad” in our dictionary.

Should I feel grief for these people? Should I feel anger because they aren’t doing anything to stop things? Should I feel pain? Should I mourn indefinitely? Should I feel frustration? Am I heartless if I stop feeling anything? Am I violent for considering the possibility of just thinking of seeing the whole area nuked and see the area start from scratch again?

The thing is: I also have to be able to function for my family. I can’t shut down and perpetually grieve for Middle Eastern nations. I have be able to provide for my family. I still see images of women, children, and other victims of explosions and gunfire. It hurts. I know how sacred life is to be seriously bothered by such a controllable loss.

It sucks. It sucks even more when these images are used for political gain and manipulation.


3 responses to “Temporarily Serious Post: What am I supposed to do about my feelings about Iraq?

  1. It might help you to read an article I just now posted, “From Adversities to Blessings.” There are others posted at http://bonnieq.wordpress.com that might help as well.

    Nevertheless, if we “have the mind of Christ” it is only natural to abhor the violence we are seeing not only in Iraq but all over the world, even in our own nation. It is also natural to grieve for those who are suffering so abominably. The power we have, however, is the unsurpassed power of prayer; prayer for everyone who is suffering in myriad ways; prayer that God have mercy on us all; prayer that Jesus come quickly, so all of this is stopped instantly. Prayer is a mighty weapon against Satan and his minions.

    Keep the faith of Jesus and continue to move forward; above all things, making sure you are pleasing God the Father as well as His Son Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

    Much love and prayers in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers, see blogroll
    Unicorn Haven, see blogroll

  2. Golden Truth Teller

    Where is this great religion of peace??????????
    No Jesus, No Peace,
    Know Jesus, Know Jesus!

  3. So, if we are going to hold up some who say they’re adherent to represent the whole religion; which group do we get to pick to represent Christianity? Televangelists? Pentacostals? Roman Catholics? Methodists? David Koresh? Jim Jones?

    The problem lies with how someone chooses to practice a faith, not the faith itself.

    Pushing all adherents of another’s faith will only encourage others to administer the same labels for your faith. Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

    Exactly. Because it’s not.

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