Another Blogmad observation

The numbers keep growing, and more people are visiting my blog. However, the average stay (in seconds) is dropping. I am not sure if it is really worth it.

I realize that my blog may not stand out all that much with a library of thousands on Blogmad, but I am really wondering about the benefit of having 25 second visits – especially at the commitment of having to view what are essentially the same blogs over and over again. The browser can even be minimized while time elapses (not that I do that or anything).

I am curious to see what other people have to say. I have found some very funny, interesting, and some outright hysterical blogs from some people there. However, I am not interested in blogs about political extremes, religion, pets/animals, bored teens, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends of complete strangers, pet/animals dressed-up in clothing, fashion, make-up tips, and trips about errands ran that day. They don’t all have to be diaries/journals, do they? How about some funny insight about something mundane? Weird pictures? Throw me a bone here, fellow bloggers!!!

Am I missing something here? Are the people who have all sorts of credit because they don’t work for a living and can click through pages, hour after hour, to rack up those points?

What about those of us who can’t surf at work? Or those who have families that can’t be tied to the computer?

Why aren’t there feature films that have a cheese slice for the main character? Why do people care about Jennifer Aniston? What would I do for a Klondike Bar? Who put the Bomp in da Bomp di-Bomp-di-Bomp? If you could lick chocolate off of a supermodel, would you choose Bosco, Hershey, or the generic brand?

I need to know.

p.s. Does my blog get taken out of the loop when I am behind in surfing credit?


9 responses to “Another Blogmad observation

  1. 100% correct. Blog mad is filled with people desperate with having their blogs read. They just score points mostly to get hits. After months of observations, if you score to high and you have a blog hit 10 some always come back to knock you down to 2 or less. Blog mad is exactly what is called; a world full of mad people who don’t read. And I am not the only one who said that. Look at the ages of these people in here. Look at their backgrounds. Look at what they write and the language they use. And most of all communicate with the staff of BLOGMAD sometime, these VOLUNTEERS cannot use a word that has more than FOUR letters in it!

  2. I’m sticking with BlogMad for now because:

    1) I’ve found some good blogs to link to.

    2) Some kind bloggers have linked to ME.

    3) I’ve discovered by participating in chat that there are others who, although not linked to me, are still reading my posts and paying enough attention to be able to comment intelligently to me about them.

    I guess it all depends on how badly you want more sets of eyes passing over your top post every day, really.

  3. Blog Mad is by far the best of the Blog Traffic engines.

    I have met some great people, and read some great blogs thanks to them.

    The service is average – about what you can expect for volunteers – no better or warse than any of the others.

    And yes if you run out of credit you get taken out of the loop.

  4. For me – After you have seen the same blog a hundred times you have to get a little curious about what they are saying….so I read a couple of lines, maybe a page. I have 25 seconds. That is a long time to just sit there.
    If they are really bad, just hit that ignore button. I am now looking at (albeit over and over) blogs that I would actually care to read, or look at. At least a little.

    But why do we Blog is the real question.

  5. I agree with everything posted above… Blogmad has its drawbacks. It has a good side, too though. I’ve noticed a few readers who’ve found my blog through blogmad and keep coming back and posting comments – which leads me to believe that they actually enjoy my blog. I guess if I gain a couple of those types of people every week I’m happy with it. Oh yeah… I’m grateful for the ignore button for the types of blogs you mentioned in the original post.

  6. I’ve noticed many of the same things….people are simply clicking through but I’v ealso gained some readership and have found a few blogs I like as well.

  7. My biggest problem with blogmad is the one you mentioned. To keep enough credits to keep in the rotation I have to be surfing almost constantly. I simply don’t have that time. I have to work and I can’t surf at work.

    BlogMad may have thousands of members, but only a couple of hundred must have their blogs in the rotation. Unlike BlogExplosion, BlogMad has no way of keeping you from seeing the same blog 2 or 3 times while you try to surf up just 100 credits destined to be eaten up in a few hours.

    I’ve been with BlogMad since before it started but I am still on the fence about staying with this group.

  8. I’ve been using blogmad for awhile, but I just use it as a way to find new blogs. It is a bonus that my blogs see traffic. The nice thing is that some people actually leave comments and keep coming by. It all depends on your goals, I guess.

  9. I see no reason to leave Blogmad, although I don’t go there often, and usually don’t have any credits.

    If you want to FIND interesting new blogs to read, you should go to one of your favorite sites and check out their blogroll. Thats the way I’ve met a ton of cool people and found a great deal of reading material. You can’t beat a recommendation from someone you like!

    That being said, thank you for linking me!

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