Maturity: wisdom achieved or simply the ability to sit still?

What exactly is maturity? Is it attained, like Nirvana, by age, time, and meditation? Is it an urban legend? Is it something you need to watch certain television shows and movies? Do you reach it through experience or talking about toileting habits with strangers in elevators? No. It is a lie.

Maturity is the ability to sit still during long meetings. You may not be physically moving, but your brain is doing cartwheels, popping from distraction to distraction, and silently cursing the lead voices forcing you to quietly listen to them. Your brain lies to your body. Sit still just one minute longer and I will get you another cup of coffee AFTER the meeting. No, you can’t have another donut. You have had three already. I don’t care if they are free. You just can’t do that. Leave some for the other people. Try to sit quietly and not click your pen. I need a slight smile, and a gentle nod of agreement. Good. We’re almost done.

If this little story is beyond your comprehension, then it’s way to late for you anyway. You were probably the one who not only scheduled the meeting, but you also brought the bagels and coffee. And worse yet, you probably scheduled the next meeting already.


2 responses to “Maturity: wisdom achieved or simply the ability to sit still?

  1. This brings back nightmares… Luckily, most of my crap was conference calls. Still annoying, but you could hit mute and multi-task and unmute only when you needed to respond to something. Do they realize how unproductive meetings really are? No, I think not.
    I recommend watching the movie “Office Space” at least 5 times this week to help you with this work issue.

  2. You’re exactly right about the donuts. No, I mean, about everything. About the ability to sit still through crap any child would have the good sense to walk out on. You did the brainspeak very nicely. “I need a slight smile . . . ” is particularly good. Thanks for the laugh.

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