vs. battle for B-R-R supremacy!

Sitemeter stats for Blather-Rinse-Repeat, Sunday, Sept. 17th, 2006 4 pm EST

Average Per Day 147
Average Visit Length 0:35
Last Hour 2
Today 80
This Week 1,030

While my number of visitors has gone up tremendously, my average visit time has dropped by almost 1 1/2 minutes. Granted, spending 2 minutes on a blog isn’t all that much but it is better than 35 seconds. Before forming an opinion, let me check the facts:

-Blogmad HAS driven more people to my blog
-My readership HAS increased & I have exchanged e-mails with some new friends
-I have been told that the Blogmad demographic is fairly young
-I still like cheese yet still don’t understand its full power
-I can block blogmad pages that I don’t have an interest in seeing
-I am still strangely excited by the picture of the girl with the long tongue
-One of my blogmad visitors comment on the that picture was GROSS
-Another blogmad visitor actually wished he was a STAMP, commenting on the same pic
-No one is ultimately interested in feeding the over-privileged
-Paris Hilton has no business singing.

There is it, folks.

You can’t argue with the facts.



2 responses to “ vs. battle for B-R-R supremacy!

  1. Paris Hilton has no business singing.



  2. I love cheese and it has more power than you can ever imagine…

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