Well slap a PhD on my head and call me Bill Cosby!

Sorry, kids! It’s time for Uncle stjarna to vent again. This time is the veneration of the completely stupid. Bill Cosby was right. This s##t has got to stop.

While there may be a racial element to this phenomenon of the rap culture, I believe that perpetuating this lifestyle is completely insane across the board. Complete, meaningful sentences in the English language are abandoned for street slang. Male clothing becomes hypermasculine, involving flexing, posing, and posturing. Emphasizing power and control, yet somehow it doesn’t involve a belt from showing your buttcrack to the world. Female clothing becomes hyperfeminine, incredibly tight, with an annoying baby-doll twist. Make-up is worn in such volumes that Maybelline is traded in for Sherwin-Williams. For God sakes, hair gets crimped! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Anyway, music is reduced to repetitive melodies, throbbing dance beats, and lyrics that can’t seem to describe a relationship outside of a bedroom. Career interests are sharply limited to drug dealer, drive-by shooters, and/or servicing drug dealers and drive-by shooters.

Why do I think we are saturated with this mindset? Mainly because even the toy shelves and cartoons are pointing at this crap.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?


2 responses to “Well slap a PhD on my head and call me Bill Cosby!

  1. Its about dang time somebody said that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could go on and on about that whole crazy culture myself, but glad you “done” it instead!

  2. i thought it was hysterical when one of the rappers in the movie crash got his panties in a bunch cause oprah didnt want him on her show when she had the cast on..(she despises rappers)..so when he whinned like the big tough rapper that he is..she had him on..then barely spoke to him…he whinned she doesnt understand rap and hip hop…no shit..who the fuck does..babble bablle warble warble..ho
    i would like to see music that glorifies women not demean them..
    exsuse me while i climb off my soap box…
    i just came by to see your site and see here i go getting crazy..
    anyhow..i like it here..jac

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