The Showtime television series: Dexter (my latest favorite)

Dexter series info

While I am not one to recommend television shows, as the device tends to be largely responsible for stupefying the planet; I must say that I like this new, but very emotionally dark series.

Basically, the main character who has (very homicidal) tendencies has turned his dark interests into a very public career. His secret life, fostered by his adopted father’s interest to have him use his dark side for good, is that he also uses his skill to end the lives of those who apparently escape the legal system. His character is very emotionally flat, as he sees himself as an outsider to the human condition. He acts to fit in, although he has no idea how that is done sometimes.

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this show for anyone with a weak stomach or those who can’t handle the darker emotions included in this show’s topics. It’s a very odd show (based on a book called Darkly Dreaming Dexter, I think) but it seems to work. The characters are a quirky assortment, and the relationships among them are a bit off; however, it still – somehow – works.

It is a little stronger than the CSI: Las Vegas-level of gore, btw.



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