What is up with Blogmad?

My computer locks up just after I sign-in and try to view my homepage for blogmad.net. Am I missing something here? Why are my credits not being drained away like they used to? Why am I seeing new, but dead blogs? Why is getting a DUI a career move for Paris Hilton when it means jail time for everyone else? Why can’t I find another pair of fleece pants in my size at Wal*Mart? Why hasn’t Adriana Lima not returned my phone calls!?!?!


2 responses to “What is up with Blogmad?

  1. Blog mad was locking me up too…seems fine now though.

    When they gave everyone 50 free credits it put all blogs back into rotation….and many of them are dead blogs. It will take a bit to weed them out of circulation for normal hits to return I guess.

  2. I find it quite aggravating that people like Paris Hilton are considered celebrities anyway. What kind of people are going to be “stars” in the future? Scary!!

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