Blogging stats from USA TODAY

Since March 2004, the “blogosphere” has doubled in size every five to seven months. There now are more than 53 million blogs. Key blog statistics:

150,000 — The number of blogs created each day, or nearly two blogs per second.

1.6 million — The number of daily postings, or more than 66,600 per hour.

39% of the blogs were in English.

31% of the blogs were in Japanese.

12% of the blogs were in Chinese.

2% of the blogs were in Spanish.

40% of those who start a blog are still posting on it three months later.

Source: Technorati, a San Francisco firm that tracks blogs, as of June.

Other blog-related facts:78% of blogs include annoying pictures of cute, fuzzy animals

63% of those animals are forced into strange, home-made outfits

95% of blogs make it way too easy for predators, Congressmen, & other weirdos to stalk people

1% of blogs show some chick named Nornna eating pancakes or brushing her teeth

7% of blogs proselytize some sort of religious message

99% with blogmad get 25 second visitors

25% of blogs provide way too much information about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Baby Thetan, K-Fed, Britney, Paris Hilton, and Jennifer Anniston. 1 blog about any of these people is too much.

100% of my blog traffic who stays more than 25 seconds is incredibly cool.

85% of blogs are updated by people wearing only underwear.

Source: stjarna, a Schuylkill County resident, who makes up his own stats, as of October 2006.


2 responses to “Blogging stats from USA TODAY

  1. It simply bloggels the mind…

  2. I am appalled by these statistics!!!LOL!! Of course, I knew the one about the animal in the clothes stuff. I always dress up my house mouse in a dress every morning just before my grandkids get here. They love it!!!

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