My daughter had her tonsils out

My 3 year old daughter had tubes put in her ears, her tonsils, & adenoids surgically removed today.

The sharing the above statement probably violates HIPAA law, but I thought I would share that with you.

This was her second trip for the tubes, but turned out to be a three-fer (with the tonsils & the adenoids) operation. She was in for about an hour (that was 7:30 am). After she got to recovery, she was really groggy and sleepy….more so than they like, so they kept her until dinner time (about 6 pm). My wife held the hospital bedside vigil, while I took care of our sons.

The above diagram is a reference to tonsils. It also make reference to one of the funniest sounding words ever: uvula. It is just fun to say. Excuse me, ma’am, but has anyone ever told you that you have the hottest uvula ever? I called the doctors office to see if they perform uvula augmentation surgery, because I would like to have a uvula that looks like Charles Bronson’s uvula.

The mouth is a cornucopia of funny words. The little notch above the mouth, just under the nose is called the philtrum. Then, we can’t forget about the little flap of skin that helps hold the tongue down. Some babies are born with too much that restricts their tongue from moving. In this case, the doctor would have to operate on the frenulum.

There you go: frenulum, philtrum, & uvula. I have officially made this blog educational. I probably could get funding from the LEAVE NO PRESIDENT BEHIND act. No, wait, that’s seriously underfunded. I’ll never get money.

Oh well.


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