If I have two normals, is that a paranormal?


While surfing WordPress, I found this interesting blog. Essentially, this site offers video clips of ghosts and poltergeists and leaves the viewer to decide for themselves if it’s proof. Some clips are pretty good, while others you can’t really see what they are looking for OR the result is, in my opinion, a stretch of the imagination.

 For those of you interested in hearing some unsupported random comments from a complete stranger filling his blog, please feel free to read on.

      I have always been interested in the supernatural or paranormal phenomenon. I have had a few minor incidents where I think that I have seen what could be called ghosts. Even with a science background, I can’t completely rule out the possibility that something like this exists. I also have enough skepticism in me to see that some people take advantage of this, like anything, to manipulate people into separating them from their money, too.

   I also find it troublesome that mainstream religion likes to get its spiritual fingers in the pie by discrediting the whole issue. Bookstores, reflecting this, oftentimes put any supernaturally-themed books next to books on crop circles, Elvis sightings, and where guys named Bubba pen stories about being abducted by aliens.

    Anyway, I liked this website because I get into this stuff and that you can form your own opinion. It’ s not trying to be definite….plus some of the clips are cool.

     Oh, there is a husband/wife ghostbusting team are recorded on film about their beliefs that these experiences are all because of demons. I am not sure I believe that. I would think that Satan and all His minions are way too busy with stuff like credit cards and managed health care in the U.S.


2 responses to “If I have two normals, is that a paranormal?

  1. One of Satan’s minions lives next door to me. Sorry I haven’t been around. I’m trying to do better on my blog reading! However, that is not a campaign promise.

  2. http://www.freepsychicreadingfree.org

    I dont believe in demons 🙂 But I do know we are all energy beings and energy in scientific terms…never ceases to be.

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