Will you still “shrub” me tomorrow?

George W. Bush supports Donald Rumsfeld last week.

George W. Bush replaces Donald Rumsfeld this week.

What could possibly have gone on?

a) Laura said they could keep him if he can be ‘housebroken,’ but things just didn’t work out.

b) He tore off one mattress tag too many

c) not satisfied with only being caught up in the Iraq war controversy, he wanted to be involved with a bigger and better scandal that involved massages from gay men and methamphetamines.

d) secret unauthorized Federal wiretapping discovered Donald was making thousands of “Is your refrigerator running?” prank phone calls.

e) He was caught with a Hiliary Clinton shrine in the arms of Rick Santorum.

f) He was caught with a Rick Santorum shrine in the arms of Hiliary Clinton.

 Oh, to have such a fertile imagination…..but in the end, I bet it was just your good, old-fashioned “sucking up to the people who may still support you” thing.


2 responses to “Will you still “shrub” me tomorrow?

  1. incredibly clever. keep up the offbeat awesomeness.

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