Sitemeter tells me about my visitors!

   Total 7,341   
   Average Per Day 89   
   Average Visit Length 0:56   
   Last Hour 3   
   Today 18   
   This Week 625   
   Total 10,522   
   Average Per Day 131   
   Average Per Visit 1.5   
   Last Hour 4   
   Today 28   
   This Week 914

 Entry Pages Ranked by Visits

10   unknown
  7   http://blatherrinserepeat.word…9/hey-all-you-kari-byron-fans/
  5   http://blatherrinserepeat.word…he-best-heavy-metal-songsever/
  2   http://blatherrinserepeat.word…on-my-grilled-cheese-sandwich/

I’d like to extent a warm thanks to those people visiting longer than 56 seconds, as well as those looking for more information on Kari Byron, Julie Sidoni, cheese sandwiches, purple pages, and heavy metal.

Thank you for your support!

Please feel free to leave comments, too!



2 responses to “Sitemeter tells me about my visitors!

  1. Cool blog, sj. I stayed like half an hour the other day. I know it is hard to believe, because I have run into this on my own blog, but there are actually people out there, complete strangers, who value what honest, smart people have to say.

  2. Well I am leaving now, I make it that I have been reading this blog for a snippet over 5 minutes so hopefully that will push the average up for you!! Nice blog, too many categories if I had to pick fault but will be back. How is the Coffee addiction going, switch to tea !!

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