On a serious note…….


   This is the YouTube link to the new Christina Aguilera video single called HURT. 

    I had never really gotten into her music before this point. Being nearly 40, there is almost something pseudo-lecherous about liking female singer who was about the same age as my drivers license. From what I remember, she started with the simple, pretty look. However, her last several incarnations, brought about a 20-something woman trying to find herself, have been seriously trashy. She should really just go back to her “Genie In A Bottle” day for a decent look. Let’s just leave the underwear tops, crimped hair, and fishnets for the bowling alley bar crowd, shall we?

     Anyway, this song sounds like it is about the loss of her father. Her career possibly having distracted her from her father, perhaps even strained the relationship. Sadly, it sounds like she didn’t get closure and her father is gone (one might assume death here, I guess). Musically and lyrically, this song – in my opinion – is great. The video even cleverly reflects that in a parallel storyline.


p.s. I would have posted the YouTube embedded link, but it seems that WordPress doesn’t play nicely with that function. If anyone knows a workaround, please contact me. Thanks!

p.p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0NSS0HblzM – I found her video “Genie In A Bottle” for those seeking more things Aguileric in nature. 


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