One Step Beyond

This is a shout-out to anyone old enough to remember these guys. Back when MTV played music videos….you know, in the OLDEN DAYS.


2 responses to “One Step Beyond

  1. I have this in my car. And I simply can’t go a week without cranking up “Nightboat to Cairo” as loud as the stupid, factory cd player in my Subaru will go. It’s not the “heavy heavy monster sound,” but I had a junky stereo back then, too. A pity the album after this one, with “Wings of a Dove,” “My Name is Michael Caine,” etc., was such a disappointment. Of all the things I miss from the 1980s, I miss ska the most. Well, aside from my actual youth.

  2. “One Step Beyond” and “Our House” are favorites, but I really love “The House Of Fun.”

    MTV had the nerve to become available on cable in my area when I was in 10th grade (1982). I watched massive amounts of it ‘in the day’ and discovered a lot of bands that I still love today. I remember hearing music and then wondering what the video would be like.

    Yes, I am THAT old.


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