Woody Allen is 71 today

   Many of you may not remember his legendary contribution to the movie industry. This man single-handedly pioneered really lame films.

   He paved the way for movies like Police Academy, Clueless, and countless other films that fill Wal*Mart reduced bins everywhere.


One response to “Woody Allen is 71 today

  1. My second job out of college (which closely followed the first one) I worked for this guy who was younger than I am now. He constantly broke out into laughter while talking and recounted scenes from Woody Allen movies. They were usually somewhat applicable to whatever the guy was talking about, but since I hadn’t seen many of Allen’s films they never really resonated with me.

    I just never thought Allen was laugh-out-loud funny. Never thought his films were all that interesting or poingnant either. Is this a generational thing? (I’m about starjna67’s age, give or take a couple years.)

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