Give Blood.

Not only is this a really cool Pete Townshend song (off the White City album) , it’s also a really good thing to do.

Today, after I take my eldest son to basketball practice, I will be donating at a local center holding a blood drive called “Types For Tots.” All the blood collected at this drive will go specifically for children in need.

(this is not me, btw. It’s not even my stunt double.)

Overall, I think I have donated something like 3 gallons in my career as a blood donater. It’s really simple and makes you feel good for doing something nice. Oh, just as a side note, when the nurses tell you to drink plenty of fluids – they don’t mean beer.
For me, it’s probably going to be coffee….and lots of it.


One response to “Give Blood.

  1. I remember when I was in college, I went to give blood often. They always had these tiny little sorority girls who were supposed to lead you over to the table after you were done, and they were instructed to keep a hand on your arm in case you fell.

    OK, in college I weighed around 210, and probably pack 40 more by now. If I had ever gone over, I would have definitely taken her out with me. But what a way to go.

    By the way, I started a satire website where I’m collecting some of the satirical stuff I and my fellow wordpressers have written – you might want to see it or contribute, if you ever write in the “fake news” vein – it’s at

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