Brittney Spears, Professional Wrestling, & Shakira?!?

According to Good Morning America yesterday (Dec. 6th, 2006), these three items are typed the most into the Google Search Engine.

Hmmmmm. We can’t seem to trust our government to not get caught up in scandals. 45 million Americans don’t have health care. Those who have coverage are paying more in monthly costs, pay higher deductibles, and get less coverage. They are just now admitting that Iraq doesn’t appear to be a war we can win. None of the top 4 domestic car makers have a vehicle in the top 10 safest autos. Large corporations are laying off thousands of workers or making sweet deals to have foreign investors buy their companies, buildings and workers so they don’t have to pay retirement benefits. The jobs available to most Americans appear to only be in the service industry. The GAO continues to find that F.E.M.A. is still wasting millions on double-payments and other mismanagement fiascos. Meanwhile, several unstable countries now have nuclear capabilities. Oh, did I mention that no one seems to have an edge on global terrorism and that people are dying by the thousands?

Yet, the Googling masses want to see upskirt pictures of a drunk Brittney.

With the exception of Shakira, surely our days are numbered as a civilization.


One response to “Brittney Spears, Professional Wrestling, & Shakira?!?

  1. Shakira – i like her shes very talented and has a really pretty voice. I like that song she -wolf her dances r awsome 🙂

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