Gettin’ philosophical, but just for a moment

1)  I believe that everything happens for a reason. You may not ever understand why on some things, but it does.

2) I believe everything works out in the end. If you are genuinely trying hard and work towards making yourself a better person, things will work out for you.

3) I believe you should try everything once. Not necessarily things that are illegal, morally repulsive, or outright nasty; but you get the idea.

4) I believe that learning is a journey and not a destination. People open to new ideas and capable of incorporating them are the role models we should be following.

5) I believe that having a sense of humor is the ultimate coping skill and relationship builder of all time.

6) I believe that understand the patterns and cycles found in nature can provide insight to other things, including relationships. The world is essentially a group of forces interacting. Understanding and respecting those forces can help guide you, just as ignoring them can work against you.

7) I really love rice krispie treats, but only if they are chewy and not crunchy.


One response to “Gettin’ philosophical, but just for a moment

  1. very deep! Yeah – things do seem to work out in the end. Never give up because tomorrow is always better.

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