‘Tis the season for foot fetish calls (part 1 – the article)

Man sentenced in foot fetish calls

Thu Dec 7, 4:04 PM ET

A man convicted of terrorizing three teenagers by repeatedly calling and asking them about their feet has been sentenced to nine months to almost two years in prison.

Scott Michael Kundar, 32, was also ordered Tuesday to serve two years probation and to receive psychiatric counseling.

When asked by the judge what compelled him make the calls, Kundar declined to answer.

Kundar pleaded guilty Nov. 8 to three misdemeanor counts of making terroristic threats. As part of the plea agreement, three counts of stalking and nine counts of harassment were dropped.

Police charged him on March 28 with allegedly calling three 15-year-olds at their homes as many as 60 times a day and said he also threatened their parents.

Lawyer Nick Turco Jr., who represented Kundar, did not return a call for comment early Thursday.


3 responses to “‘Tis the season for foot fetish calls (part 1 – the article)

  1. uh-oh, he’s gonna have a hard time in prison.

  2. Terror? This is terror? “What kind of sneakers are you wearing?” is terror? How will we ever win The War on Terror as long as freaky guys have telephones?

  3. This is making me laugh, but I don’t think it should? Who’m I kidding, this is freakin’ hilarious…

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