A Public Service Announcement from the Department of Homeland Maturity

  For those of us old enough to remember when corduroy parts and polyester shirts were the fashion, we have instructed by the Federal Government to provide important information to the younger generations. It may not be life-saving tips, but still very helpful.

 1) The current popular song, Gone Daddy Gone, by Gnarles Barkley is actually a cover of a song originally done by the Violent Femmes on their first album, released in 1983.

2) Just a reminder: the stuff Madonna isn’t new. It’s called disco, and she was there for it the first time, too.

3) When car dealership commercials tell you that you don’t have to be “trapped” with payments on your current car (and still own on it) THEN tell you that if you buy one of their cars that they will PAY YOURS OFF. Don’t get excited. You still get to be “trapped” with paying that, too. However, you are just giving money to Dealership #2 instead of Dealership #1. It’s called NEGATIVE EQUITY, not FREE MONEY.


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