Relacore: Side effects in a convenient pill form

  My boss is way into weightlifting, and takes all sorts of dietary supplements and drinks mysteriously colored shakes. He had ordered a few extra bottles of Relacore, and asked if I wanted to have a bottle. Normally, I lose weight with a remarkable, yet undiscovered method: eating less & exercising more. I would never spend my own money on this kind of stuff, but I figured I’d give it a try.

I read the ingredients just to make sure I was taking something that was killing people who chase their weightloss butterflies through technology the FDA hadn’t weighed in on (pun intended). There didn’t appear to be anything harmful, so the dosing began.

First of all, taking a pill three times a day is way too demanding more me. I can barely remember to take cold medicine consistently enough to make it effective, but I managed it here. The pill went down easy enough. Now it’s time to hop in this green pill and give it a test drive through the digestive tract. In approximately 30 minutes, I found myself with watery eyes, runny nose, and a sneezing fit. Approximately an hour later, I was incredibly gassy. I don’t want to be graphic here, but let’s just say they are gonna need to repaint the ceiling over my cubicle. Later on, a trip to the potty confirmed the aromatic evil that visited the office earlier. After a day’s worth of pills, I decided that I wanted my office reputation to continue to be built upon my dazzling personality and not my ability to generate nasty smells.

I read more info on-line about this medicine, and found a review site called FITNESS INFOMERCIAL REVIEW where people give feedback on things, including Relacore. After reading some of the testimonials, looks like I had it easy.


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