Celebrity Optical Illusions

Study the picture above. If you concentrate on this photo, it will appear as if Nicole Ritchie is about to eat a meal. Of course, we all know that’s impossible.

Well, we’re pretty sure it’s Nicole Ritchie. With those glasses, it might be Charles Nelson Reilly in drag.


7 responses to “Celebrity Optical Illusions

  1. this meal looks like it’s going to be regurgitated soon after she swallows it.

  2. thats so prejudice..u guysr mean!!

  3. haha so i pretty much am inlove with this picture. its acutally perfict.. haha

  4. that is hilarious

    nicole is probably going to feed it to one of her freinds on the simple life

  5. Meanness much!!!

  6. This rude little girl needs someone to tell her that she’s not to be confused with any sort of role model. The only reason she’s enjoying the spotlight is because her father is incredibly talented. It’s not like she’s bringing anything to the table.

  7. To me it is necessary to find

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