5 things you don’t know about me.. (I’ve been tagged)


1) I still have incredibly weird dreams. I have met Wilson Phillips,  Pete Townshend, Carlos Santana, family members who have passed away, and The Devil to name a few. I also dream about traveling in other dimensions. No, I do not self-medicate with anything. They just happen.

2) I really want to be a published author. I have about 3/4 of my first book written, and lots of notes and research for my second book. I have been writing for about a year and hope to get my first book published by the end of 2007.

3) Although I consider myself to be a musician and artist by nature, I have found that I like building things around the house. I am putting together a loft (a raised twin bed, essentially) and it is going well. I had to tear out part of a closet, drywall it, frame it out, spackle and paint it before I got to this part. I found that I really like doing it.

4) I am incredibly proud that my eldest son seems to be able to play music by ear. He can walk over to a piano and play music he hears in his head. Although I can read music, that is what I do to learn new stuff.

5) I find it hard to not get depressed sometimes when I think about the shape the world is in. I really wonder what kind of world my kid’s are going to inherit. Not just from me, but the whole thing…..economy, wars, government, the whole shebang. I supposed having and raising kids tells me that I must have, at least, some hope.

 I tag all that wish to be tagged….

 Hey you! Yes You! Reading this post! Consider yourself tagged!



One response to “5 things you don’t know about me.. (I’ve been tagged)

  1. fifth one ..really kool..

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