Trying to understand man-hating themed blogs

   I have recently come across several anti-male blogs. Some women who are sharing their perception of the male species. Aggression, violence, rape, murder, and other atrocities committed by those who share my gender are listed as common traits. My mind reels with thoughts on this one.

    I firmly believe that we were put on this planet by a divine force. Call it God, Goddess, Deity, The Divine, Allah, Hashem, Hecate, Kali, Ashtaroth, Pazuzu, Chuck, whatever; some being with remarkable powers to create life from nothing.

   In creating that world, it has structure and is full of many discernable patterns (some not so discernable). Among those patterns are forces. Forces that maintain a balance or equilibrium. When these forces are not in balance, things go wrong. Sheer forces build up, we get earthquakes and tsunamis. Electric charges build up, lightening strikes. Political power wielded without balance; people lose their voice or rights and are subject to the whims of those in power. This includes forces like love, lust, jealousy, fear, etc. These forces can be beautiful when they work to our advantage and harmful or deadly when they work against us.

     Hate and anger are both natural forces. Like any other force, neither is designed to be the permanent standard.  Another trait of forces are that they are not static. Being dynamic means there is a constant shifting, but the ultimate balance is still there.

  I see these man-hating blogs, much like any other blog where the viewpoint becomes more important than any supporting information to that effect.  I think poster children of the unbalanced include anyone who used the US vs. THEM thought process.  Religious, political, social, or ideological divisions of this magnitude also lack the natural equilibrium to be supported.

that’s just my thought on it.

Here is the one that triggered the post…but it is not the only one I have seen.


9 responses to “Trying to understand man-hating themed blogs

  1. I really like how you’ve put it here. Nice work.

  2. Kinda feel with you. Ever heard of Warren Farrel? He has very informed, balanced and wise points of view about it.
    [From Wikipedia:] “he was a champion of feminism, serving on the board of the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Within a few years, he left NOW, frustrated with what he saw as their female exclusiveness and disregard for men’s issues. His early books The Liberated Man and Why Men Are the Way They Are were more in the vein of a type of “masculinism” that has an approach to men’s issues similar to that of feminism to women’s issues.”

  3. obviously these women were badly treated by men to have come up with such a mentality and blog.

    we may not agree with them, but it’s just another place for like-minded people to vent their frustrations and express their emotions at a point in their lives. i don’t believe many who are participating in the blog would feel that way for the rest of their lives. and if they do, it is their prerogative…

    i can relate to them because i frequently visit blogs that promote fat acceptance. i don’t necessarily agree with everything there is in the blog, but it’s a place i can go to, at this point in my life, where fat isn’t considered bad and ugly.

  4. Well stated. I have seen blogs out there that focus on hate and anger towards certain groups. I understand a good rant every now and then, but not lumping every one that has a penis or has a certain label into the same category. However, I suppose it is their blog and we can all say what we want on our blogs.

  5. Good post. Why don’t you provide some links? I am curious to see a few!

  6. Profound. In short, don’t hate. Love, man!

  7. woah, sounds like somebody needs a good shag.

  8. Thank you Dali, being upfront and honest about your misogyny.

    Has it escaped your attention that some of these bloggers are rape/sexual assault/domestic violence survivors? And that suggesting that all they need the Te h Cock to make them adequately compliant to patriarchy – as you apparently are – is the very definition of misogynist (whether you are male or female)?

    Or, is the actual fact that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about and the best thing you could contribute is misogynistic garbage?

    I suspect you’re confused as to why claiming all she needs is sex (with a man, natch) is misogynistic, and will jump to the lazy conclusion that we all just hate sex. So, to help you out:

    TO the blogger:

    I admire your asking this blogger questions. Most males see posts like that and write the author off as some lunatic (which you did do, to a small degree) but never attempt to understand where it comes from.

    I need to point out though that our society is drenched in misogyny from start to finsh, from top to bottom. From porn, to advertisizing to whatever. So, I find it just a little odd that you’re so up-in-arms about a little example of one person being anti-male.

    Isn’t the far larger, far more dangerous and far more pressing issue the abuse and anger directed at women?

    Statisically speaking – and this blogger points this out – who is most likely to be the abuser and who is most likely to be the abused?

    This is not an attempt to excuse hate, so let’s not wander off into “you hate men” territory. I am merely trying to put this in perspective. Is 1 or even 100 anti-male blogs somehow equal to the thousands of years of abuses and hate heaped upon women?

    More simply – what is your goal here?

  9. I love this post. You may be interested in a mini series I’ve written on the failings of feminism:

    Not to spam you. I really do like your blog quite a bit.

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