30 Days of Pork

     No, this isn’t a Tom Cruise movie…nor does it have to anything to do with Congressional legislation. This is a story about a San Franciscan based vegan falling off the no-meat-diet wagon. A former Eastern Pennsylvanian who lived among the cultured savages of California denies her meat-eating past to live a dietary life of vegetable solitude.

   I have thought about becoming a vegetarian, perhaps to reduce the collectively environmental and health effects of eating meat.  I have read the documentation and it makes sense. However, I have found that while preparing food; I seem to have this recurring reaction when I smell meat cooking: my mouth waters. It’s a very primal desire to bite animal flesh. Something tells me that the satisfaction of ripping vegetable carcass with teeth could never possibly sate this occasional carnivorous desire.

    I have tried. Really. I have eaten veggie burgers, tried soy, and even have done the grill Portobello mushroom burger thing. Friends with vegan-istic tendencies exclaim that grilled mushroom tastes just like meat, yet I find this outrageous and confusing. If I want to taste something that tastes just like meat; I will be going for the Jimmy Buffett route with an onion slice.

    Anyway, here are the links to the article AND a Flickr link with pictures of pork products.

30 Days Of Pork – the article link

30 Days Of Pork in picture format


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