I finished my book!

   After slaving over a hot pencil, my book has been written. 45 pages later, this 21,000 word beauty will be groomed for grammar, spelling, word choice, and plot continuity….I might have them check the oil, too. Special thanks to my family for supporting me during the process. I would also like to thank those who have read, edited, and given feedback. I would also like to thank Spiderman for making a special pencil to help me stay inspired. Oh, and I guess I should give a shout out to insomnia.

   Research for submitting to a publisher continues…I have a few narrowed down, but want to make sure I follow all their guidelines. I hope to have this submitted in the next month or so.

   After a little break, I will be starting my next book which I already have most of a plot outlined and notes from some interviews I took when I was researching it.

  Woot Woot!



9 responses to “I finished my book!

  1. Congrads! I remember going through the process myself years ago. Holding the finished product in your hands is fulfilling!

  2. Congrats, stjarna67. You gonna tell us what it was about?

  3. Congrats! I hope we get to read it soon!

  4. PS Hope wifey is making you a very special dinner! You deserve it!

  5. Just found you tag surfing. congrats. It’s a great feeling, huh?

  6. Hey congrats! Respect.

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