New scented candles from Blather-Rinse-Repeat

  After having a revelation about scented candles, I decided to come up with a new line of scented candles. Tired of the usual mix of floral or other natural scents, I think traditional aromatic boundaries need to be broken.  Here are some of my proposed scents:

Tapping into the recent Google Search term popularity, give the masses the ability to have their homes and workplaces smell like Buck Rogers.

Here is a scented candle for those seeking constant reminding of the consequences for imperfection. If guilt, shame, and fear could all be rolled into one scent; it would be our new HELL-scent candle.

Can’t get enough politics? Enjoy the bloodpumping aroma of fear-mongering and deceit in convenient candle form. Order BUSH ADMINISTRATION scent today!

Miss those college days where you put off laundry for weeks at a time? Try DIRTY LAUNDRY scent and bring it all back again. It does smell like BUSH ADMINISTRATION, but not as strong.

Why hasn’t anyone come up with a candle to smell like RICE KRISPIE TREATS?!?! Why?


5 responses to “New scented candles from Blather-Rinse-Repeat

  1. Oh, too funny. I cracked up. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. cos people like us might just eat that rice krispie scented candle.

  3. okay so that’s brilliant

  4. Oh, funny. I saw the Bush candle and was thinking, My dirty laundry smells better, and then I saw your Dirty Laundry candle…oh, I don’t believe in coincidence.

  5. How about a Clinton candle?

    A head mix of p**** and cigars?

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