Tell It To Me Tuesday “Potty Mouth”

Participating in this blog “outreach program” (which you can find out more about at THE ART OF GETTING BY), I will give my response to the question:

“Which toiletry item could you not live without?”

The answer is: my toothbrush.

While camping, for example, I have gone a period of time where it wasn’t always convenient or possible to brush teeth. However, I have found that I don’t like the pasty feeling your teeth get when you don’t brush after awhile. That would drive me nuts.

Write that down.

Now go about your day as if nothing happened.



2 responses to “Tell It To Me Tuesday “Potty Mouth”

  1. Yeah, that is one of the worst feelings!

  2. I can relate. I hate that icky not-brushed feeling. And I get paranoid about my breath when I don’t brush. I also could not do with toilet paper, if that counts as a “toiletry” item. 😉

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