Last night, I drempt of Hell.

….and yes, it involved LAUNDRY.

In my dream, I was able to smuggle in my digital camera and I snuck this picture. Here, a she-demon is restocking her room of stinky laundry. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the music pumped into the room was a never-ending dance remix of Rick Astley’s “Together Forever.”

This must be reserved for souls who do really NASTY things on Earth.


One response to “Last night, I drempt of Hell.

  1. Rick Astley? Some of us are trying to forget, here, Stjarna67. And to think I called you the Patron Saint of Crullers. Since you reminded me of Rick Astley and that evil tune I dub thee Stjarna67 (which is apparently 66.6 rounded to the nearest whole number) Dark Lord of Crullers.

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