George W. Bush is STUNNED with frightening news!

An aide recently informed him that HE was running the country, then he was told he’s only President…and not King. He found out that means he can’t make up his own rules, and that he has to follow something called The Constitution.

After contemplating that horrible thought, he called his bestest buddy, Dick Cheney to tell him the bad news. With his exceptional sense of empathy, Mr. Cheney suggested that they both go hunting.


7 responses to “George W. Bush is STUNNED with frightening news!

  1. Another thought: he may have just been told he’s not the King and he can’t do whatever he wants.

  2. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  3. Unfortunately, there is no one in this country with the right combination of guts and power to stop him. The sad thing is he will never face any consequences of his actions.

  4. He obviously got over the shock. In fact, this may be the very moment he learned to act like he simply didn’t hear the bad news.

    What? There’s more than two kindsa Muslims? The hell you say? And they don’t like each other and they both live in Iraq? What the hell does that have to do with anything?

    Carry on.

  5. He is thinking, “What a buzz kill.”

  6. And then Cheney shot him in the face because it’s been Cheney running the country from his secret shadow government all along (see Iran).

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