Two days off from work?!?!

This is my second day off from work!! It seems the Bad Weather Gods, as well as the Water Main Break Gods are angry!!

Luckily, the Day Off From Work Gods are happy so I will go with that.

This is what it’s like on my street.


9 responses to “Two days off from work?!?!

  1. That’s a rough way to get time off!

  2. Please forgive me but I don’t understand the picture but I’d like to…..can you please explain as it does look interesting. Are you somehow closed in by the weather?

    Tick Tock Project

  3. where’s santa’s elves when you really need ’em?!

  4. I had one day off but since I had a 4 day weekend coming up, it was more than enough. Gives you a chance to catch up..and sleep in!:)

  5. I forgot to mention that my kids also had off because of school closings…..Sleeping in, unfortunately, was not an option….

    Oh, the water main break was AT WORK and not at home, btw.


  6. Very cool street!! Mine was not quite as bad here in the asylum. I had my two grandsons for the days –and after the second day all took pity on me and drove me to this nice, white, rubbery home.

  7. Just because you take time off from work, stjarna67, doesn’t mean you get to neglect your blogging responsibilities. Where are your priorities?

  8. I agree with Caveblogem. Get your lazy butt off the coach, chuck the Doritos in the trash bin, and turn off the soaps.

  9. BTW, that’s street reminds me of The Shining. Muhahahaha!

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