Role models are so hard to come by…..

..a weeping judge, a lawyer who blurs the personal boundaries with his client, a family estranged by hard feelings, a bodyguard who gets too involved with his client, ex-lovers catting around…all centered around an ex-waitress/ex-Playmate with erratic potentially-medication fueled behavior in the middle of several lawsuits for a variety of reasons. In the meantime, the media helps keep this centerstage circus-like entertainment, that is, when a shaved & ill-behaved Britney Spears isn’t able to be captured on film.

Like I said, role models are so hard to come by.


One response to “Role models are so hard to come by…..

  1. Actually, I am looking at the bright side of this. People need to see stuff like this in order to know how NOT to raise your children and how NOT to treat other human beings. Her mother was married five times and supposedly, beat her every day, among other things. Who is not to say that maybe one of her mother’s numerous husbands or lovers molested Anna Nicole? But that calls for speculation and I won’t go there, I’ll just stick with the facts, which is – treat your children well, people, or else they turn out like this.

    I can relate to her on certain levels – not all, but specifically, not really caring that much for your own mother. I’d be livid if I were to go out before my mom and she tried to fight for my body and go against my wishes which are as obvious as the sun is to day.

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