poems about broccoli

Someone found my page today by looking for poems about broccoli.

 Tears began to well in my eyes at the thought.

 I think I may celebrate by eating broccoli tonight…..and perhaps I might write more poems about broccoli.

Or not.


5 responses to “poems about broccoli

  1. Might as well have them all on the same site, I guess.

    Broccoli, broccoli,
    somebody cooked for me,
    cheese-covered casserole
    baked in a tin.

    Broccoli, broccoli,
    just not a lot for me,
    good for the brain but it
    gives me the wind.

  2. That’s certainly an interesting way to be found. LOL.

  3. I couldn’t resist reading all about this brocolli phenomenon…Who would have guessed! Then again, when I ran across the recipes it became perfectly clear.

    Before I read this post I had no idea how hungry I was, and now I have a serious craving for broccoli…

  4. I think I will place a brocoli post on my blog and see what happens…you know , I like brocoli!

  5. ffedddfdddfdfdfdfdfdfdferere3rereee

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