More fun with broccoli

 While driving to work, I thought of some new broccoli-based words I’d like to introduce to the English language.

Broccology  – the study of broccoli

Paleobroccology – the study of OLD broccoli

Broccolitis – swollen broccoli

Broccolistic –  with broccoli-like tendencies

Broccocentric – centered around broccoli

Broccolism –  the worship of small green trees

Broccolocity – the speed of broccoli

Broccophile  – broccoli lover

broccoterrorism – violence against the pro-broccoli forces

brocolostomy – a surgical procedure of having a hole put in your broccoli

brocoliseum – a large arena to watch broccoli

broccoholism – an addiction to drinking fermented broccoli juice

Brock-n-roll – songs about broccoli

broccoligarchy – ruled by a few broccoli


3 responses to “More fun with broccoli

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  2. broccoliterature: prose inspired by broccoli

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