Did Sinbad die for YOUR sins?!?

Wikipedia has recently reported the death of Sinbad. However, he was alive and well.

This has me concerned. It’s not that Wikipedia’s integrity is called into question again. It’s something much bigger.Christianity has already been called into question by the DaVinci Code. Recently, there was even a television documentary that said scientists had uncovered the bodies of Christ, along with His family. I think the real threat here is that Sinbad actually did come back from death and will somehow be considered The Messiah. I think if anything is going to throw Christianity into a tailspin; it would be Sinbad as God’s OTHER Son.

My guess is that the WB network would have dibs on the filming, and that His reruns would almost be guaranteed syndication.

However, I must admit. It’s somehow very inspirational that the new Messiah is such a snazzy dresser.


One response to “Did Sinbad die for YOUR sins?!?

  1. Your question is way to profound for me. But I do know that this is an outrage! A C-list “celebrity” becomes “famous” thanks to some chucklehead. There ought to be a law.

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