Fate balanced on an e-mail

  I have recently received a lot of e-mails that I am ultimately supposed to forward to as many people as possible or bad things will happen in my life.

  First, it isn’t exactly a good will gesture when you send something like that to someone you know. What if, for whatever reason, they are unable to forward that e-mail? What if it accidently gets deleted? They now allegedly get negative things happening to them. Nice friend you are.

 Second, why pin any wish on divine beings that, I would assume, dispense good luck on something as unreliable as e-mail? We already know e-mails can bring spam, viruses, trojan horses, worms, webbugs, phishing, pharming and not to mention scam artists who are trying to trick people into giving out their sensitive personal financial information. I would hope that supreme beings aren’t trying to be trendy here. Give me the old fashioned Burning Bush (the Old Testament reference – not some arsonistic treatment for the President). Part the Red Sea…anything obvious…and not having to do with computers, please. A winning lottery ticket would not only be nice, but rather convincing as to one’s supernatural powers. Hint Hint. =)

   Finally, I don’t want to be guilted into anything or manipulated….e-mail or not. I don’t care if it’s pictures of puppies, babies, soldiers, firemen, angels, teddy bears, or whatever. A touching poem isn’t going to warm me up either. Don’t send me warning about so-and-so didn’t forward the e-mail which resulted in them having their underwear pulled up to their shoulder blades by angry leprechauns.  I also know that Bill Gates isn’t giving away his millions nor does Neiman-Marcus have any oatmeal cookie recipe for $250 dollars.

  Take me off those mailing lists.

thank you.




2 responses to “Fate balanced on an e-mail

  1. I delete them the minute I get them, I am totally NOT superstitious, and I have no intention of sending them on. I don’t send the happy huggy ones on either, nor back nor sideways, I just don’t believe in that junk.

    I posted this to the wrong message…..

  2. Well, hopefully, you did not delete the invitation I sent you to join Blog Writers and Artists Network – we meet at Ning


    and would love to have your talents and art involved.

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