Things I learned about Staunton, VA

1) It’s conveniently located right next to Route 81

2) It’s pronounced STAN-ton.

3) Gypsy Hill park, located in historic Staunton, was once a place where actual gypsies lived. It is now a massive park with 2 playgrounds, duck pond, walking path, baseball fields, and a train.

4) the band NTENSE which played at the hotel lounge featured 80’s music as well as at least one guitarist with a mullet.

5) we could listen to the band play while we swam in the indoor pool of the hotel.

6) They over-chlorinated the pool that my vision was cloudy for 1 day.

7) Staunton, VA is only about a 45 minute drive from Charlottesville, VA – which is home to Thomas Jefferson’s former abode – Monticello.

8 ) Monticello translates into “not very much parking”


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