Ideas I have for new television shows!

television show idea #1
A talkshow featuring children interviewing adults that influence their world. Hosted by a 3 year old, the show will be called WHY? WHY? WHY?
television show idea #2
Instead of reporting issues of Congressional idealogical stalemates, this show feature nothing but two elementary school-age children fighting. The show will be called YES,YOU ARE/NO, I’M NOT.
television show idea #3
Featuring outtakes as well as actual press conferences, this show will feature Congressional video clips. Hosted by George W. Bush, it will be called AMERICA’S FUNNIEST GOVERNMENT VIDEOs. There will be an on-going contest where constituents are challenged to send in film footage of any meaningful legislative decisions. The winner gets a functioning democracy.

television show idea #4
A cooking show featuring supermodels and celebutantes. They will give their favorite recipes like Amphetamine Casserole, A Handful of Bean Sprouts, and M&Ms in Red Bull sauce. It will also feature the latest 30-DAY REHAB DIET and the top 10 trendiest cities to do Community Service.

television show idea #5
A children’s show, spinning-off the popular Sesame Street theme, hosted by Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie. Brought to you by the letters D, U & I.

television show idea #6
CELEBRITY SURVIVAL will show famous people going head-to-head with each other to see who has the strongest will. The first show will feature Rush Limbaugh locked inside a pharmacy after hours. He will be sharing his adventure with his press agent, his undocumented workers, a shelf-ful of Oxycodone and his massive ego.


One response to “Ideas I have for new television shows!

  1. Watching #3 would be painful. Footage of any meaningful legislative decisions? I don’t think there’s going to be a prize.

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