13 things that make a person more interesting

It’s important to have: 

13) curiosity – I like people who don’t take everything at face value.

12) vulnerability – Acting as if one is perfect is not only annoying, it increases the likelihood of crucifixion (whether or not the perfection is real or not)

11) an appreciation for those around you – Being capable of saying please, thank you, and you’re welcome means more than most realize. Treating everyone as if they are beneath you is annoying, even if you are royalty.

10) honesty – You can’t build trust without it. However, if your friend Bubba says he was abducted by aliens; cut him some slack, o.k.?

9) flexibility – No matter how well you plan, sometimes you still have to go to PLAN B…..or C…..maybe D and occassionally PLAN E.

8 ) hope – Everything may happen for a reason, but that doesn’t mean we’ll always know why. Face it, none of us may ever understand why Donald Trump does that comb-over thing.

7) The Car’s first album, The Cars (self-titled). It seriously rocks out.

6) a plan – Whether you are going to rule the world or just be a slacker…..try to be the BEST slacker you can be.

5) a hobby/interest/passion – It’s part of having an internal life that differentiates us from houseplants.

4) a willingness to always learn – Life is a journey, not a destination….just make sure you sit next to cool people on the bus.

3) empathy – Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a sign of higher brain function

2) a sense of humor – I wouldn’t want my reality to leave home without it. One of the best coping skills….ever.

1) your own identity – Trying to be like others gets really hard when you’re by yourself. If you aren’t going to be you; who is?

This post won Post Of The Day! Thank you!


One response to “13 things that make a person more interesting

  1. Wow! I could only wish to have a majority of those qualities. I think I lost My Car’s first album.

    Great post so I am choosing it as the “Post of the Day”.


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